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The Full Story


Our mission is to offer beautiful products while serving two purposes:
- Connect loved ones through personalized stationery
- Support worthy Nonprofit Organizations that are making our world better!

Young Life

Our company's story starts with getting to know our owner, Kathie Davis. Her life experiences of philanthropy, volunteer work, and even a health scare have given Cards That Give Back a breath of life.


Kathie's impressionable teenage years were spent immersed in a philanthropic organization called Rainbow Girls. She learned the true value of helping those in need (elderly, sick, disabled, blind, underprivileged, and burned victims), all the while working her way up in leadership positions to a top state office. Her values are rooted in patriotism, integrity, and service. Her parents were role models of hard work and entrepreneurship. Kathie seized the opportunities given to her and followed in the same footsteps.


Kathie earned her BFA in graphic design at CSUF and studied abroad in London at the Royal College of Art. She worked in the printing industry for 10 years and moved back to Southern California to start a family. Alongside several small business endeavors, Kathie jumped into her kid's lives by volunteering with PTA, Girl Scouts, and multiple levels of Art Advocacy.


At the young age of 39, Kathie was diagnosed with breast cancer. She began her long journey of recovery by working closely with the American Cancer Society and Relay-For-Life. Her perspective was solidified... LIVE in the moment, HELP those in need, RESPECT yourself/community/world, and REACH for your dreams. Her favorite quote, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right” prompted a leap of faith to launch this company with the objective of giving back to organizations and communities who have helped her.


Cards That Give Back is a company based on the concept of paying-it-forward. Kathie tied her love of art, her ability to teach, and her desire to help Nonprofit Organizations (like ACS) into one big bow. We hope you enjoy unwrapping it!

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